Jingjiang Longwit Cereal & Oil Industrial Co., Ltd.

Posted: 2017-03-31 09:03

Jingjiang Longwit Cereal & Oil Industrial Co., Ltd. is a large oil company of Tianjin Julong group investment in the Yangtze River region construction.Tianjin Julong group headquarters is located in Tianjin Binhai New Area in China,its core business focuses on the palm oil production and marketing. The company has formed a whole palm oil industrial chain consisting of oil-crop plantation, edible oil processing, port logistics, oils and grains trade, oil and fat product R&D, brand packaged-oil promotion and oils and grains industry financial services. Julong Group is one of the earliest palm oil enterprises with the largest scale and the widest influence in China.Julong Group strided southward to Indonesia and constructed the first Chinese overseas palm oil plantation,occupies the largest market share of nationwide palm oil trade as a domestic enterprise in China.

In 2008, the group established mainly in grain and oil processing, warehousing, transit and Trade Industrial Base in Jingjiang.The total area of 1700 acres. The overall project plan completed in three phases. A project investment about 1 billion yuan, has built 2 berths of 50000 ton and 1 ton oil berth.The factory has built 200 thousand tons of storage tank area and modern oil production lines, can be formed 3600 tons / day of oil extraction capacity and 2000 tons of oil refining capacity, is the largest in Asia to refining plant, has been put into production and operation.

Our company build the cooperation about belt conveyor with the group in 2012, its effect obtains consistent high praise!

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