Suzhou MeijinHuifengEnergy Investment Co., Ltd.

Posted: 2017-03-30 16:10

Suzhou MeijinHuifengEnergy Investment Co., Ltd. (taicangport) total investment 1.5 billion, berth shoreline 1170 m, with a total planned land area of 970,000 square meters. Mainly engaged in large-scale equipment and cargo handling, warehousing operations; port machinery, facilities, equipment leasing operation, maintenance operations; bulk packaging services. The first phase has three 50,000-ton deep-water berths, port upstream arranged three 3,000-ton barge berths Company has been put into operationin July 2012, the terminal cargo design capacity of 4.15 million tons per year; port design mud surface elevation -15.50 m, width 50m,localarea58 m, with a large overweight ro-ro cargo handling capacity, and equipped with advanced hardware and management software system. Currently the port dock with lifting capacity of 800 tons maximum mast crane and 50 tons 43 meters of the door most significant venues handling machinery which maximum operating capacity is 50 tons, this is a modern integrated port.

Since 2010 our company cooperate with the Taicangportin belt installation, hoppers, bucket elevators and other equipment,and the quality obtain their great praise!

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