China Grain Reserves (zhenjiang) Ltd.

Posted: 2017-03-31 13:42

China Grain Reserves (zhenjiang) Ltd. was establishedin April 2007, memberofcentral government enterprises China Grain Reserves Corporation, the company currently occupies about 1,000 acres, the main business is edible vegetable oil storage and transportation, processing, marketing, and to assume the Central Reserve fuel oil business management functions. Equipped withoil production, storage and transportation, oil marketing department and other 12 departments,The company has two full owned subsidiarycompanies :Zhongsheng Modern Storage (Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd. and ZhongshengProtein Biotechnology (Zhenjiang) Co.,Ltd.(Zhenjiang) company has gradually formed into a set of fuel oil reserves, processing, logistics, and trade fuel oil industry chain. The companymanagement system Integrityand standard and has passed ISO9001, ISO2000 management system certification.

Our companycooperate with them over years, joint projects: belt conveyor, hopper, hoist, etc., and also establish a good friendship in the cooperation..

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