JISCO group

Posted: 2017-03-30 15:51

JISCO group was established in 1958, is one of the key construction projects during the national "one five".It becomes the largest carbon steel and stainless steel production base in the northwest of China,also has formed a diversified industrial pattern.With the Lanzhou Yuzhong,Jiayuguan, Shanxi Yicheng, three iron and steel production base.Steel production capacity has reached 10 million tons (including 10 million tons of stainless steel), technology and equipment level of the main habitat domestic advanced ranks.

Since 1985, JISCO has been shortlisted for the ranks of China's 500 largest industrial enterprises, in 2010 China's biggest industrial enterprise 500 strong 155th, Chinese manufacturing industry 500 seventieth.Strive to be in "twelve five" end, to enter the top 500 Chinese enterprises before 100,to make JISCO into a large-scale international enterprise group with core competitiveness and strong comprehensive strength.

In JISCO’s two important projects, we successfully installed the 1st and 2nd line to the unit of air cushion belt conveyor.In the recent years of cooperation, the two sides have made mutual trust. We look forward to having a better breakthrough in the 3rd project in 2014.

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