Sales and service:

At Meiwell we deliver solutions tailored to each customer's requirements. We set great store by advising and working with our customers right from first contact to plant commissioning. Our in-house technical department ensures clarification of all technical issues and thoroughly prepares all project drawings.

After commissioning of the plant we are happy to provide advice to ensure that the plant always functions in the best possible way and has a long lifespan. We also offer services such as delivery of spare parts, servicing and training of our customers.

Before sales service:

Provide the program design and technological flow design; choose the right equipment that is most suitable for you; design and manufacture products according to your demands; provide training for operational technicians for you.

Sales service:

Finish the equipment inspection with you; assist you in drawing out the construction scheme and detailed flow.

After sales service:

Send technicians to installation site for the guidance, equipment adjustment and training.


We understand that our customers’ bulk conveying systems and processing equipment must be operating at peak performance at all times. That is why we’re fully committed to giving our customers value before, during and even after the sale. One of the most important aspects of the services offered by Meiwell is the quick and easy provision of spare parts.

Meiwell offers a full range of engineering and management services for designing and supplying systems and equipment.

If you should ever have a need for service of your equipment, you can count on Meiwell to be there. Our understanding of quality is not limited to providing reliable systems and equipment, but also offering excellent customer service as well.